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Decimated by the 2020 global pandemic,

the travel industry is suffering a record economic setback.


Rebuilding the travel industry is a key driver in rebuilding our global economy.


Therefore, the effort to prepare for and implement a coordinated global campaign for the recovery of the travel industry MUST BEGIN NOW.

Our mission is to unite the global travel industry in order to restore consumer and corporate confidence in traveling and encourage responsible government policy globally.


Current policy and lobbying efforts have been primarily focused on immediate pandemic relief to date

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane


In order to recover, the marketplace participants are working to adapt to the immediate crisis until the long road to recovery can begin.

The key to that long-term recovery is rebuilding consumer and corporate confidence in traveling again. This initially hinges on the timelines for the development and widespread dissemination of COVID-19 vaccines. However, sharing best practices globally and instituting responsible government policy is equally, if not more important to impacting successful outcomes over the next 3+ years.

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